Friday, September 19, 2014

Unlikely beauty

This was a rough week. I caught a stomach bug from my son, and I spent Monday evening revisiting the buffalo wings I had eaten for lunch that day.

At one point, while I was lying on the bathroom floor, I looked over and saw this impossibly small spider crawling on the tile. It was 2, maybe 3 millimeters in length, including its legs. I just marveled at the intricacy that God had created in this tiny creature. Even my simple breathing affected its movement, it was so light and frail. While I was staring at it, it climbed over one of my wife's hairs lying on the floor like you or I would climb over a 3 foot diameter log on the ground. So tiny! I remember wondering about its miniscule brain and muscular system. In my mind I praised God for being able to create such a microscopic arachnid. It was such an unlikely thing to consider so beautiful, and such an unlikely time and place to find it.

And then I got up off the floor and continued puking my guts out. Good times.

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