Thursday, September 25, 2014

I would have, if only

I would have cried the day we met
Held your hand as you kissed my face
Embraced the taste of love displayed
if only

I would have spoken words so sweet
To expectant hearts and attentive ears
With tears and cheers from those endeared
if only

I would have learned through labored trials
Enlightened by your wisdom shared
Declared prepared to face “out there”
if only

I would have soared to heights unknown
Changed the world and left my mark
Sparked to start a legacy embarked
if only

I would have held your eldered hand
When life’s end had come to pass
Expressed a lifelong love amassed
if only

I’m sorry I was inconvenient
I didn’t ask for life, but I wanted to keep it
I would have loved you until the day I died
if only you would have let me

In response to "A Moral Universe Torn Apart"

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