Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Strength will rise as you wait upon the Lord

Psalm 33:20-22
20 We wait for Yahweh;
He is our help and shield.
21 For our hearts rejoice in Him
because we trust in His holy name.
22 May Your faithful love rest on us, Yahweh,
for we put our hope in You.

Arise, O my soul, and prepare yourself to wait for the Lord.
Make ready your weapons of battle that the Lord may call on you in His timing.
Strive for stillness before the Lord that you may hear when He calls.
Now is the time to renew your strength, to drink deeply from His fount of steadfastness.

It is the Lord who is at work within you and around you; do not fear!
It is Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh, Who is sustaining you; do not be dismayed!
The timing of the Lord is perfect; the very hands of time are subject to His will.
His plans cannot be thwarted, nor can they be delayed.

The Lord is coming to rescue you; wait for the Lord!

-November 7th, 2008

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